World Wi-Fi announcing a new contest!

Take an original photo holding the World Wi-Fi logo, post it on one of your social network accounts, and get an opportunity to win tokens from our prize pool of 6000 WT ($750).

The authors of the three most original photos will get:

1st place — 1800 WT

2nd — 900 WT

3rd — 300 WT

And other 50% of the prize pool will be distributed among all participants of the contest.

The rules of the contest are clear and simple: take a picture the World Wi-Fi logo. Then post it on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account, add a hashtag #wwificomp and the link to our website:

The winner will be determined by the number of likes on the photo and by the vote of our jury.

The results will be announced on 16 of May 2018.

Learn more at r/worldwifi

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