World Wi-Fi technical solutions⠀

In order to cover extensive client areas and large-scale events, World WiFi prepares a new technical solution.⠀
For now, we can say that it looks just like the World Wi-Fi Repeater from the outside, but has more power ‘under the hood’.⠀
All the innovate characteristics of the World WiFI Repeater together with the features of the integrated World WIFI Antenna, guarantee the best attributes of speed and stability of the network at distances up to 300 meters from the device.⠀

World Wi-Fi smart design⠀

We are proud both of our innovate under-the-hood decisions and thoughtful design. World Wi-Fi Repeaters are equipped with special fastenings that will help you to fix the repeater everywhere, as indoor as outdoor. Thanks to it, World Wi-Fi coverage area will spread widely.

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