On October 1st, World Wi-Fi held the board of directors in its #Moscow office. Ilya Yashin, CEO of World Wi-Fi, Yan Sepiashvili, World Wi-Fi co-founder, and Vladislav Martynov, World Wi-Fi co-founder took part in the #meeting. The main topic to discuss was the #strategy of World Wi-Fi extension. Top-brass of the project have discussed World Wi-Fi technical decisions, software development, #community and World Wi-Fi Ambassadors #program. We can confidently say that we are on the right track.⠀

Vladislav Martynov is also a ‏Co-founder of #Yota Devices (developer of YotaPhone), www.BlockGeeks.com – the largest online platform for teaching blockchain technology and the developer of sports #analytics systems www.iceberg.hockey, and head of the #Ethereum competence center.⠀

The #future with worldwide wireless internet is coming soon!

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