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1)#Xiaomi will release a #router with a slot for a SIM card.

New Xiaomi will get a router three antennas, two of the LAN connector for wired connection and, in fact, the slot under a SIM card is an unknown format. It has support for fourth generation networks as 3G Internet. About the cost and release date of the router to say it is too early. it will definitely happen in 2019.

2) The most anticipated innovation of the 2019.

Over the next year, we’re going to start seeing routers, phones, laptops, and other devices add support for so-called Wi-Fi 6, which is supposed to make speeds faster than they are now. The time of the #5G mobile network is also coming. The manufacturer of chipsets Qualcomm already has 5G compatible antennas, and now it is time for improving Wi-Fi chips.

3) Engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power.

Researchers from the University of Washington have demonstrated the technology Passive Wi-Fi, which allows to reduce the power consumption from the transfer of Wi-Fi-module device ten thousand times. In the coming years, it may become a key Wi-Fi technology. It should be noted that Wi-Fi is able not only to consume energy, but also to charge the phone.

4) What office devices can be controlled by #Android?

Here are some ideas where smartphone based on Android can facilitate the work in the office.

1. Aircondition.
The employee can set any parameters from the smartphone and everything will be done before the arrival.
2. Printer.
Now you can send documents or images from the phone’s memory to any attached printer, anywhere.
3. Computer.
There are several programs for complete administration. You can perform all the same actions at a distance as in the work place.

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